Andromat ®

Efficient Simplicity

Our machine concept provides a recognizable reduction of maintenance efforts by:

– Reduction of various lubrication points to a centralized lubrication,
– Optimized installation and standard-compliant laying of the hydraulic hoses,
– Using of sealed SKF Explorer bearings at each bearing position,
– Integration of hardened, grounded and against twisting secured axles

Andromat Manipulator

Customer focused diagnostic functions

Important values can be measured directly at the measuring points of our Andromat® control card and can be compared with target values.

The operator cabin of our Andromat® AMX manipulator has an HMI (Human Machine Interface as TFT display) to show all measured values as well as possible setpoints (if available). Furthermore we support our Andromat® AMX with comprehensive diagnostic functions; the complete machine is displayed in a simple and understandable view. Our philosophy – intuitive and easy-to-learn operator guidance – is already known in our manipulator.

We also offer a service interface for fast remote diagnostics via remote access.

With our hand terminal you can activate individual movements of the three main axes of our Andromat® AMX by manual mode.

„State-of-the-Art“ control concept

  • Proven and innovative control concept with remote diagnostic connection for PLC and Digital Andromat® control card.
  • Our Digital Andromat® control card synchronises our master arm movement directly with the working arms. The digital Andromat® control card can be connected to any standard control system via Profibus/Profinet/Ethernet IP.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface as TFT display) for machine parameterization and extended diagnostic possibilities (operating and error messages)

Our Product Portfolio

Our ANDROMAT® products are perfectly equipped for all handling requirements and functions.


Our Andromat® AMX manipulators are modular in design and provides pick & place applications as well as fast and precise gripping. Our manipulator type is specified by payload (weight of part) and needed gripping distances. Developed for foundries, forges and steelworks, even under extreme ambient conditions.


The hammers have a functional design and are easy to maintain. The required shot energy specifies the correct size of the hammer and is available in various installations (combined with a gripper, as a gripping solution, stationary or with a balancer).


Depending on part weight we have various designs available. Our turn-tip-table has more than 360° rotaing angle and can be inclined up to 45°. The variation of rotation speed provides always the optimally part position for further processes.

Grinding Manipulators

From hydraulic power grinders to electric grinders, from fix mounted grinders to grinders with a quick-changeover system – our portfolio meets a wide range of applications. Of course, belt grinding or various cutting functions are also available.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers are powerful and can be parameterized to needed requirements, for example short cycle times. Here, too, we meet our philosophy of high serviceability and modularity. Our circuit breaker can be operated stand-alone or with an Andromat® AMX manipulator.

Carriage Technology

Each Andromat® AMX manipulator can be provided on a carriage. Based on existing environmental conditions we adapt all specific features (track width, speed) of our solution. Each carriage – whether linear, circular or special functional – is individually adapted to your requirements.

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DQS DIN EN ISO 9001 zertifizierter Betrieb

Our manipulators provide ergonomically designed and economical workplaces for your production and work reliably and safely under extreme environmental conditions.