Our hammer is used to shoot feeders, raisers or ingates from the part. The required energy is one criteria of differentiation. Based on this we have 3 various products in our portfolio. Different mouting application are possible, such as stand-alone device with balancer, gripped by the manipulator, stationary as well as fixed mounted on the gripper of our manipulator. The operation of the hammer can be controlled in the operator’s cabin for a user-friendly way.

Hammers Andromat
Hammers Andromat
Hammers Andromat

Hammer mounted at the gripper

The part can be handled immediately after processing with the gripper oft he manipulator as required.

Hammers Andromat

Hammer gripped by our manipulator

After processing the part, our hammer must be laid off and the part can then be handled with the gripper.

Hammers Andromat

Hammer on a balancer or crane

The balanced point of the hammer provides always optimal handling position. In addition, the balancer also serves to reduce the existing recoil.

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