Carriage Technology

Special circumstances require special solutions.

remote controlled andromat
remote controlled andromat without cabin for nuclear energy

ANDROMAT®  remote-controlled via an external control station for use in a radioactively contaminated environment.

Scissor for Andromat
Andromat on carriage with cutting equipment

ANDROMAT® on carriage for cutting wire coils

Andromat on a special carriage system

Two ANDROMAT® on coupled circular-arc carriages 360° rotating in the forging area

Andromat as slider
grinding machine gripped by Andromat

ANDROMAT® with gripped grinding machine. The workpiece can be handled normally with the gripper or can be processed with a gripped grinding machine.


ANDROMAT® AMX, designed as burning manipulator (burning lance at the positioning head)

Burning manipulators
– Burning lance at the positioning head of the Andromat
– Double cabin for operator training
– extra protection of all external components

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Our manipulators provide ergonomically designed and economical workplaces for your production and work reliably and safely under extreme environmental conditions.

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